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Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Hayeon Choi - CDE, UNIST
Design Type: Concepts & Prototypes
Company / Organization / School: EmotionLab, UNIST
Team Members: Cha-joong Kim, Young-Woo Park, Hui sung Lee

MuScale is a music player that gives physical weight according to the meaning given by the user and plays that list separately. Users can share their own playlist according to their meaning. This gives meaning and weight to the music through rematerialized music data. The project has started from the boredom of the current streaming service. Internet-based music streaming services have become commonplace and universal content in our lives. However, unlike past listening experiences, it's easier to find and listen to songs. And easily find all songs on one display. Some people recollect CDs and LP and buy turntables to feel the nostalgia of the past. Instead of buying a record, they want a "excitement of the moment" in listening experience. . So, I wanted to guide the user through new interactions to make more meaningful and memorable music experience.