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TURON 120°

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Junkai Shao
Design Type: Appliance
Company / Organization / School: Southeast University
Team Members: Junkai Shao, Yuli Wang, Wenzhe Tang & Wei Liu

TURON120° can be easily carried during business trip or travel, user can iron the wrinkled clothes at any time and keep their clothes neat and tidy. TURON120° doesn’t have a water storage tank, so it needs to use waste mineral water bottle as water tank to achieve waste recycling. When used, unscrew the hose water purifier, put it into a plastic bottle filled with water, tighten and fix at the bottle mouth, and press the button to warm up. The air pressure difference is produced by the miniature air pump, which presses water into the intake pipe to reach the head for steam generation. No matter how the hand moves up and down, the nozzle will keep parallel to clothes. The maximum rotation angle can reach 120°, so that the hot water vapor can be better fitted to the clothes for ironing.