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Galleries // 2019 Spark:Space // Caring Times in a Distinctive Space

Caring Times in a Distinctive Space

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Chia-Peng Chen - Director
Design Type: Interiors: Residential: Houses, Apartments, Flats
Company / Organization / School: MA Design Co., LTD.
Website: http://www.facebook.com/%E7%A6%BE%E7%A6%BE%E5%9C%8B%E9%9A%9B%E8%A8%AD%E8%A8%88%E6%95%B4%E5%90%88%E6%
Team Members: Chia-Peng Chen

For those who have long conducted business with people in Europe and the U.S., a living space that is tasteful and certified for healthy decoration is fundamental and essential. The use of leather is deliberately minimized. The space is organized based on functions. The arrangement in the open-plan area, the layout of the walls, and the coordination of the colors together make for rich gradations and highlight the distinctiveness of a life in this living space. Grayish white serves as a keynote color to connote composure and simplicity. The designer boldly removes inessential walls to retain natural light. By integrating storage into the flow, matching metal wire with specular material and installing elegant lighting, the sense of oppression from the original beams is altogether eliminated. The original layout, in which there was no public space with good natural light and the low beams resulted in a dark and narrow space, is transformed magically.