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HP Tribe

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Nishit Gupta - Industrial Designer
Design Type: Wearable Technology
Company / Organization / School: Art Center College
Website: http://nishgupta.com
Team Members: Nishit Gupta, Nicolas Ramirez, Ophelia Chiu & Matt Lee

Tribe is a system of adaptable jewelry devices, designed for self-expression and enhanced human connectivity. We imagined a future of computing with seamless exchanges of information between people based on natural gestures and interactions. We observed that current devices are used for personal use, often interrupting interpersonal interactions. Tribe removes mobile screens that are utilized for private personal use and introduces an outward-facing display that communicates information about the user to the world. The Tribe system is based on insights gathered from ethnographic research with Generation-Z. Tribe’s components are designed to adapt to be worn as different types of jewelry and can be used as an identification device, pager, keycard, and wearable camera. Tribe’s two devices, Beacon and Halo, help people share contact information through handshakes and record and view their daily interactions with others. Tribe badges allow wearers to signify membership in communities, encouraging the initiation of exciting conversations.


Earl Gee— "An intelligent and innovative way to transform a wearable button and decorative ring into multiple means of communication and functionality. The inspired name successfully conveys the concept of identification and interaction for users.