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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Transport
Designer: Richard Kim - In Charge of Design
Design Type: Exteriors, Interiors, Vehicles
Company / Organization / School: Canoo
Website: https://www.canoo.com/
Team Members: Richard Kim & Canoo Design Team

The canoo is the result of a completely re-engineered vehicle design, eliminating wasted space throughout the vehicle and providing exceptional utility to the user. By capitalizing on EV architecture, the canoo eliminates compartmentalization and comes across as an urban loft on wheels. With the interior space of a large SUV and the exterior footprint of a compact car, the canoo holds enough space for seven people. All seating is designed to feel more like furniture. The rear seats are more like a sofa to lounge on than a cramped and segmented backseat, and the front takes inspiration from mid-century modern chairs. Cars always have been designed to convey a certain image and emotion; however, we chose to completely rethink car design and focus on what future users will actually need. Thus, we came up with this loft-inspired vehicle. When you subscribe, you think differently about a car – now the value is defined by the user benefit. We implemented the Bauhaus philosophy and started with the reduction to the absolute minimal need. We applied that approach to the seamless connectivity with the personal devices customers care most about – their phones.


NEWS RELEASE- July 12, 2022

Walmart to Purchase 4,500 Canoo Electric Delivery Vehicles to be Used for Last Mile Deliveries in Support of Its Growing eCommerce Business

The retailer will be the first to receive Canoo’s Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle which is anticipated to begin hitting the road for Walmart deliveries in 2023.

More Info Here: https://www.press.canoo.com/press-release/walmart-purchases-canoo-electric-delivery-vehicles