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Competition: Spark:Transport
Designer: Yunwoo Jeong - Professor
Design Type: Vehicles
Company / Organization / School: UNIST
Team Members: Choeun Park, Kyohwe Goo, Ga-eul Han & Prof. Yunwoo Jeong

Urban’ is a compact-sized 2 seater EV for 2020. Targeting urban youngsters, it gives smart & innovative driving experience. Costing only $8800, it is an affordable price. The ‘Urban’ is environmentally clean and reduces traffic problems with its compact size. It has 3 main concepts. First is ‘Smarty’. It is a very compact size, just for two passengers. So, the whole length of ‘Urban’ is only 2500mm and also very light, which increases the electric range of the vehicle. Driving ‘Urban’ is a smart choice for youngsters. Second, it is ‘Dynamic’. Its dynamic front graphic resembles that of a hero’s mask. It gives a feeling of being a super-hero behind the wheel, which is what youngsters desire to become, a hero. Third is ‘Elegant’. The door of ‘Urban’ opens elegantly like a fluttering wings of a butterfly. It has that extra touch of elegance that youngster’s want.