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C Brush


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Shuhao Ren
Design Type: Concept
Company / Organization / School: Southeast University
Team Members: Shuhao Ren, Zijing Wang, Fei Wang, Jinchun Wu & Yiwen Wang

In developing countries, trees are painted by hand to prevent pests and diseases or to help drivers avoid danger.But traditional brushes are not appropriate for cylindrical trees.There is also a shortage of brushes suitable for painting cylindrical objects such as trees.The design of this brush adopts the brush head with curved arrangement of bristles.Compared with the linear brush head, the curved brush can improve the user's work efficiency, brush more evenly, reduce the waste of resources. Rollers on either side of the brush head enhance the brush's usability.After a simple change in the shape of the brush head, the shape of the brush can fit well with the cylindrical tree to improve work efficiency.The part of this design that connects the bristles is made of variable material, which will make the brush automatically adapt to different sizes of trees in a certain range.