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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: SUMINJI Design Team
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Kongju National University
Team Members: Minji Kim, Sumin Park

REVERT is a shredder that can easily and safely grind plastics. According to the recyclable plastic standards, after Remove the lid and the label of the plastic bottle, and put it in the REVERT to automatically grind it into small pieces. Small pieces falling down like sand reminded me of an infinitely repeating hourglass, and a product with the shape of an hourglass was born. The shredded plastics are reprocessed and reborn as new products. By using this product, it is possible to reduce the labor (number of collections) of the collection company, and as the volume of PET bottles discharged at home is reduced, the number of waste discharges and bags can be saved. With REVERT, We can create a better future and pass on a cleaner environment to the next generation. Keep in mind that one step of ten people is greater than ten steps of one person.