2020 Galleries

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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Health // Neuralink R1 Robot

Neuralink R1 Robot

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Health
Designer: Afshin Mehin
Design Type: Robotics
Company / Organization / School: Woke Studio
Website: http://card79.com
Team Members: Afshin Mehin, Levi Joo, Jean Louis Iaconis, Alexander Taylor-Wood, John Harris & Jake Paul

Working with the engineering team at Neuralink, we created the industrial design of the surgical robot that would carry out the neurosurgical procedure. As the industrial design partner, we took their amazing technology and started them down the road of productization by considering and addressing all of the design constraints required to bring it into a surgical theatre. Standing at almost eight feet tall and moving in 5 axes, one of the main industrial design challenges was enabling the full range of motion needed to perform the Neuralink operation, all while ensuring the safety of surgeons and robot operators. We worked with the Neuralink team to eliminate dangerous pinch points, as well as create easy to wipe down surfaces for the outer shell of the robot. Additionally, we wanted to make the robot feel as approachable as possible by encasing a lot of the more complex and intimidating mechanical componentry.


Neuralink R1 Robot, Health Design

"The ability for this robot to operate in the real world on real patients means that people with physical disabilities such as full body paralysis will be able to control devices and technologies to live a more independent life and be less dependent on care givers."

"All the necessary requirements around ergonomics, safety, maintenance and overall approachability."