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Absorb – X


Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Subin Jo
Design Type: Product & industrial, concept
Company / Organization / School: HANNAM University
Team Members: Subin Jo, Yuchan Ahn & Jiho-Lim

In many countries, when heavy rains come, the drain fails to function properly and experiences flooding damage on roads. What problems does Drain have now? 1. It's hard to clean, so it doesn't look neat. 2. Many kinds of trash and cigarette butts do not drain smoothly. or the water overflows. 3. Smells like sewage and garbage. Cigarette butts flow through sewers into rivers and seas, where toxic substances in tobacco filters adversely affect the ecosystem. The drain in the big gap is suitable for smooth drainage. The drain in the small crevice has no garbage in it and looks neat. 'Absorb – X' combines two advantages. Usually, small holes act as drains and when the bottom plate is filled with water, the spring scale inside goes down and the x-shaped sheet metal goes down. Our products don't have trash in them. Large garbage can be disposed of by simple cleaning. If small trash enters, the plate can be lifted, separated and removed, so it does not enter the sewer. So it doesn't stink. Because the plate is flat, the wheels of the car or motorcycle do not slip out.