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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Product // Samsung Bot Chef

Samsung Bot Chef


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Sajid Sadi
Design Type: Concepts & Prototypes, Consumer goods, appliances, Engineering, Kitchen, domestic & bath, Multi-disciplinary projects, Robotics, Sensors, Smart & AI home devices
Company / Organization / School: Samsung Think Tank Team
Team Members: Sajid Sadi, Arthur Ronisch, Brian Harms, Curt Aumiller, Dane Mason, Dean Reading, Forrest Tran, Jiawei Zhang, Jose Marcel Santos, Junyeon Cho, Kate Hajash, Phillip Schoessler, Sergio Perdices-Gonzales, Tara Chander Sriram & Thomas Brenner

Samsung Bot Chef is a product concept that brings cutting edge robotics to the home. Designed to work collaboratively with humans in the kitchen, Bot Chef can help chop, stir, season, and cook the perfect meal through simple voice interactions. Bot Chef can read, understand, and assign tasks in regular recipes through natural language processing, and is designed to use everyday kitchen tools and utensils. Sensors allow it to grasp handles firmly to stir or whisk, and also gently squeeze a bottle of sauce. Need to change up the recipe? It's as easy as saying "Hey Bot Chef, add some Sriracha!" Bot Chef combines the latest advances in human-robot interaction, mechatronics, AI, and computer vision in a user-friendly design that anyone can use. Designed from the ground up, its custom hardware and software brings the functionality of pro-grade equipment to the home in a sleek form factor, all while retaining the power and effectiveness on cutting-edge robotics. With its intuitive skill-based software, Bot Chef is also well suited for small businesses that have been unable to tap into the automation revolution due to the prohibitive costs of robots and programming.