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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Concept Pro
Designer: Peng Ren
Design Type: Lamp
Company / Organization / School: Shenzhen Explore Home Industrial Design Co., Ltd
Team Members: Peng Ren, Dongdong Chu & Jitong Ye

“Z” stands for “Zhe”, which means “fold” in Chinese language, it is also the core symbol of the product. Z-Lamp uses an another interactive way to turn on the light: “Fold & Draw” to replace the switch, to makes the lengths and the lighting levels have the synchrony with the visual and the behave. Scale length= light intensity, the scale is determined by the users, to bring more fun and playability to life. The structure of product is scalable, and the thickness of the thinnest state is only 33.5mm, easy to carry, and it is also flexible for little scene such as In-car lighting, travel light, etc. Easy structure and considerable cost make the product have more advantage on the price in the market. Soft materials improve the flexibility, impact and pressure resistance of product. The interactivity of product not only attracts numbers of young audiences, but also bestow infinite delight for our life.


Z - LAMP, Concept Pro Design

"Interesting idea. This is a product I would actually want to see in real life, rather than in photos. Would like to see what the silicone is like and the color temperature of the light."

"Cute design, I instinctively love this. I would love to have this product if made well."

"Unclear what the power source is. I like the portability. Would be useful to have around in event of a power outage or for use in otherwise unlit space."

"Cool design and execution. How often could you fold and change shape? Nice form factor and design execution."

"Traditional form with new tech, very cute solution."