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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Qi Zheng
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Academy of Art University
Team Members: Qi Zheng

When I was a kid, I was always excited for the New year, because I always got a new outfit. I never thought about my old clothes until one time, my grandma asked me to help her clean up an old wardrobe and I found a red coat from my childhood. She said to me that this coat was my favorite, and I was always hiding sugar in the inside pocket. People are usually fond of the new and tired of the old. We wear our clothes day and night, but we forget them immediately after we have new ones. I interviewed some people and found that they have a high rate of throwing away old clothes. A survey shows that the average American throws away about 81 pounds of old clothes each year. After discovering this data, I hoped to make discarded clothes into a night light that would accompany me every night and take away my fear of the dark. Cotton is one of the most comfortable materials for most clothes. I combined cotton and mesh wire to easily create new shapes. Due to the light transmittance of cloth and the mesh structure of the mesh