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Lucky Plate


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: JiaYi Cai - postgraduate
Design Type: Multifunctional Ware
Company / Organization / School: Macau University of Science and Technology
Team Members: JiaYi Cai, JiaLiang Cai & Advisor: Prof. ShaoShi Yan,

The lucky plate is a set of plates that endow clover the meaning of luck, auspice and love.This innovative plate designs with emotions and a good taste. When you are at table, a simple and solid plate with food on its middle makes a delicate combined pattern, a gradation from deep to shallow.Through the simple design, the lucky plate reveals and amplifies the social significance of grouped dining behind the food culture. In addition, with this design, people no more need to worry about sauce dripping like traditional plates when we remove food from the plate. We usually put our cutlery on plate and desk when we enjoy our meal, which makes our hands or other exposed parts become dirty. Etiquette is used to encourage good table manners. It has four grooves located on the edge of plate. Two can stop the cutlery during the meal, while the other two are used to place the cutlery, which means the meal is over. These two sets of grooves have different usage when we use cutlery, which plays a important role in dining etiquette.