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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Spring Student // WORX 120° Ergonomical Heat Gun

WORX 120° Ergonomical Heat Gun

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Guorui Ma
Design Type: Concept, Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Southeast University
Team Members: Guorui Ma

Heat gun is an important electrical tool in our daily lives which is often used in making models or handicrafts, heating and repairing electronic chips and removing other viscous materials by heating them up. Those who enjoy DIYs may share the same experience that it is quite challenging to hold the traditional heat gun with one hand and operate on the item with the other at the same time. Also, distance and temperature are hard to control, which could lead to an unexpected injury. The temperature of the target is unknown for users, leading to potential dangers. Additionally, when people want to use heat gun in an outdoor space, such as cleaning the remaining stains on the car window or removing something with glue, power supply has been a huge problem. Based on the problems mentioned above, a heat gun equipped with a rotatable structure, more reasonable operating manner and DC power supply is designed according to a large amount of user investigations, tests and measurements of different models, aiming to design an industrial product as reasonable as possible.