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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Product // Motive Lighting

Motive Lighting

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Justin Champaign - Industrial Designer
Design Type: Lighting
Company / Organization / School: Landscape Forms
Website: https://www.landscapeforms.com/en-US/Pages/default.aspx
Team Members: Landscape Forms: Site Li & Kirt Martin + Justin Champaign

Motive is a sophisticated family of lights that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor lighting to create out-of-the-ordinary settings. Designed by Justin Champaign, the comprehensive family includes area lights, a path light, a wall-mounted light, a pendant light, and an outdoor floor lamp. Each offers superior performance and its own visual experience. Motive lights employ a hidden light source and, depending on the fixture, clear or diffused lenses and one to three distribution patterns. Their technologically advanced LED configuration produces smooth, even light with low glare. The luminaires’ neutral sculptural form addresses an array of applications for buildings and grounds, pathways, social spaces, and high-profile areas such as art installations and entrances. A number of options offer designers myriad ways to create visual experiences for the user. Area lights are offered with a clear or diffused lens, in two pole heights, with dimmable capabilities, and with three distribution types. The path light has a diffused lens and two distribution types. The ADA-compliant wall-mounted light with diffused lens illuminates 360 degrees. The pendant light has a clear lens and lambertian distribution, and the outdoor floor lamp with point source light can be surface-mounted, hardwired, or freestanding.


Motive Lighting, Product Design

"Gorgeous. Robust. Simple!"

"Nice physical design, doesn't feel intrusive."