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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Experience // Designing a Humanized Interface in the Car

Designing a Humanized Interface in the Car


Competition: Spark:Experience
Designer: Sylvain Castet - Head of Design
Design Type: Concepts & Prototypes
Company / Organization / School: Telenav
Website: http://telenav.com
Team Members: Sylvain Castet

Current consumer infotainment and navigation experiences are limited in providing a clean and meaningful user experience. Challenges abound for automotive companies of integrating third-party apps and services, and the growing demand for intelligent personal assistants. Our intelligent design anticipates the user needs by predicting their behavior in a safe manner without distraction.when we think about first time user experience in a car, every piece and part of the User Experience and Interface should be memorable, including the mere act of powering up the system. You should feel connected and oriented right away. It should be special. It should make YOU feel special. It should be memorable. All of these right from the start. We are currently rethinking the car control domain while leveraging a maximum of artifacts including an actual rendering of your car. The goal is to create a unique layout with great aesthetic, and with memory power. One of the key aspect here is that we can deploy this feature towards any car and update the rendering accordingly. The challenge is to marry beautiful design and form/functionality to create a functional, intuitive and stunning solution in the context of driving.