2020 Galleries

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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Space // Longhu Tianchen Marketing Center

Longhu Tianchen Marketing Center


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Michael Xing
Design Type: Interiors: Working Space, Offices
Company / Organization / School: JSP Architects Ltd
Team Members: Zheng Xing (Michael.Xing), Yangding Zhang & Yun Qiao

"Tianchen original works" marketing center case field area 450 square meters. Front field is empty area. Exquisite shape of architecture, in the planning of the interior plane to adopt the transparent empty way layout. The "no partition" space arrangement makes the moving line free and open. Each function space is connected closely and has the reasonable comfortable scale feeling. Taking the unique Chinese garden of water painting garden as the design idea, condensing and extracting its tranquil and distant oriental beauty, and using the element of "water ", taking the" quiet and empty water moon "as the design theme, it is all the unique space reverie of the atmosphere. Transfer the visual feeling of "quiet, comfortable ".