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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Space // Bathing Light

Bathing Light


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Wen-Ching Wu
Design Type: Interiors: Residential: Houses, Apartments, Flats
Company / Organization / School: Lava -design
Website: http://www.lava-design.com.tw/
Team Members: Wen-Ching Wu & Shi-Jie Zhang

At the beginning of the design, since the layout of the house is not of traditional arrangement, in general, and all bedroom circulations are located in the public space, hence it was a great ordeal in the aspect of design on how to make it a part of the design elements and to extend the vision via this while combining the landscapes. Moreover, the spatial ambience demonstrated with the modern trend is embellished with the design vocabularies of light wood and marble materials, such that the mutual conversation between the different materials and the emotional communication between family members exist within, transforming into a close family language in the house. Being a platinum-grade residential application project, the selection of materials must conform to the grade and specs of green renovation, allowing the residents to live in a healthy environment, healthy, natural and sustainable, therefore all spaces are integrated in the design, incorporating simple design elements, allowing the lights and shadows of the waterfront to accompany the users for everyday life.