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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Space // Leisure Journey of Nature

Leisure Journey of Nature


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Chao Yen Chen
Design Type: Commercial Space
Company / Organization / School: SShing Interior Decoration Design
Team Members: Chao Yen Chen & Pei Jung Chen

In the respect of design, the exterior of buildings is presented by using the combination of wire fence system and plastic lumber that features great weather resistance; as to the image of a shallow water pond, the waterproof ball-shaped lights are used to boost a better atmosphere at night time. Besides, with the logo of the construction company, a visual fun atmosphere for children is created as a symbolized spiritual support. The application of the construction materials on the exterior, various kinds of materials are layered each other, including stone balls, vermiculite, Apollo gray-colored marble tiles, unsmooth and blackened steel pieces processed by magnetic technology, natural Qiuxiang timber bark, etc., an interpretation of extraordinary quality. A custom-made themed chandelier for the white ultra-high ceilings and the tea bar opposite from the entrance give a visual welcome that greets and leads guests to the secluded luxury & leisure seating area. The vision is guided to the small private room, where the meeting room inside is with an outdoor water landscape that gives a sense of leisure and interaction with sunlight. In the parent-child playground, the high-ceilings and a shaped chandelier cast shadows and reflection to the walls and the ground.