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LED Necklace


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: YI EUN GYEOL
Design Type: Lighting
Company / Organization / School: ??

A lot of smaller LED products mostly serve to create an atmosphere or simply provide lighting.As L E D is frequently found in small light fixtures, I have thought that maybe extra features would mean something. Focusing on safety, I have included the NFC tag chip, GPS, and alerting without worrying about any troubles with its function as a fashion accessory. I think that maybe one single product can include other features than the two purposes. Thus, my product makes a useful item with its compactness and beauty. At home, it can be placed as an interior item or used as a book light. Its LED light can create an atmosphere, as it is dimmed and turned ON an OFF with touch. For your nighttime activities, it can serve as your flash light. In dangerous situations, press the button to report the perceived crimes by dialing 119 and sending the location data(GPS). Beyond the nighttime hours, the NFC enables your personal identification and payment. The back of the product is convenient with clips. Sporting its neat style, the product can be sued as your mirror even without turning on its LED, thus making a useful fashion item.