2020 Galleries

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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Graphic // Parkview Green, Beijing

Parkview Green, Beijing


Competition: Spark:Graphic
Designer: David Osborne - Managing Director
Design Type: Wayfinding, signage, kiosks & terminals
Company / Organization / School: Graphia International Limited
Website: http://www.graphiabrands.com/en-us/index.html
Team Members: David Osborne

Parkview Green is a mixed-use development in Beijing, comprising a retail complex, 4 office towers, and a boutique hotel, all housed in a unique glass enclosure. Our client, Dr. George Huang, was an art collector, and contributed many of his private collection pieces for display around the site, including his extensive collection of Salvador Dali sculptures. Our brief was to provide wayfinding, signage, and environmental graphics throughout the complex. Whilst the development was initially aimed at high-end consumers, it has become attractive to a broad range of people due to its unique environment. There are two key aspects to our work; first the practical issue of getting people from point A to point B and, second, to contribute to the quality of that journey. It would have been easy to simply design surrealist pieces echoing the Dali influence; but the challenge was not to mimic – and thus compete – but to complement and add another layer of experience to the environment. Our conceptual solution was to develop an understated, white set of signs, then to embellish connectors with small surreal elements that were not immediately apparent, that waited to be discovered. The result was well received by both client and public.


Parkview Green, Beijing, Graphic Design

"Interesting. The video was very helpful too. The "craziness" deserves a Spark!"