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Tree Tower


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Ryan Joongi Cho
Design Type: Spaces: architecture, interiors, landscape, architecture
Company / Organization / School: design matter
Team Members: Ryan Joongi Cho, Younchan Hwang & Woohyuk Cho

Treetower carries a symbolism of preserving trees all over the world. By preserving all the varieties of the trees at one place, Treetower consists of over 50 thousand species which acts as the biggest air purifier in East Asia. Through a specialized modular system, each module not only transfers water and light, but it also has a splice which holds the building’s structure, presenting each tree’s environmental characteristics, allowing all trees to coexist at a shared location. The central part of the building has a park for the visitors when the basement of the building exhibits the seeds and saplings of trees all over the world, providing information of every tree in the world. However, because of the DMZ’s continuous management, the exit on the first floor doesn’t exist. Nonetheless, through the underground pathway, the visitors can only view the interior of the building. The Treetower is a symbol that shows the importance of conservation while preserving species diversity.