2020 Galleries

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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Product // Philips MyCreation

Philips MyCreation

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Signify Design Team
Design Type: Lighting
Company / Organization / School: Signify
Team Members: Signify Design Team

Embracing flexibility and creativity, Philips MyCreation uses 3D printing to let customers design their own luminaire. A range of shapes, textures, colors, ceiling caps, cables and bulbs can be configured, via an easy-to-use web interface. The unique lighting fixture can be discrete or eye-catching, modern or traditional, rustic or urban. The made-to-order luminaire is then 3D printed. Further enhancing the sustainability of the design concept, the luminaire can be taken apart and recycled for a new 3D print.


Philips MyCreation, Product Design

"Very easy to use and quite a lot of options."

"A clever concept for minimizing waste and engaging the user."

"Good combination of selling lightbulbs with a self made 3d printed lamp."

"Customizable luminaire which is 3D printed locally on demand - Use of recycled materials, short transport and recycling of products results in a unique sustainable design concept."