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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Fall/Winter Student // Dry Grass-Weighing Scale Design

Dry Grass-Weighing Scale Design


Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Jian Zhang
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Macau University of Science and Technology,The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Team Members: Huang yikai, Chen sijie

The top of the scale is covered by a dry grass, and when the user stands barefoot on top of the rough turf, the soles of their feet feel itchy and warm, like new shoots of grass in the springtime when they step barefoot on it. The body weight meter's casing is made of beech wood, and the oval-shaped transparent hood on the dial looks like a drop of water floating on the grass. The combination of the gentle texture of the wood, the transparency of the water droplet hood and the dry turf creates a natural style that echoes the user's feeling when using the scale, achieving visual and psychological unity.