2020 Galleries

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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Minsu Kim
Design Type: Concept, Experience and service
Company / Organization / School: Royal College of Art
Website: minsukim.com
Team Members: Minsu Kim

‘Compo’ brings together the community members as well as local authorities through the system of reviving the value of food as a circulating economy by making food waste disposal economically sustainable for urban households in the UK where gardening culture is well cultivated. It significantly reduces the amount of produced food waste in an economically sustainable way, as well as actively encouraging the local population to change their lifestyles and engage to become more sustainability literate members of our society. This project explores how design can influence the society we currently live in as well as seeing how the change in lifestyle can be developed and implemented to sustainably enhance the existing framework by undertaking a systematic approach.