2020 Galleries

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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Space // EROS Hair Salon

EROS Hair Salon

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Stephen Kuo - Design Director
Design Type: Interiors: Commercial
Company / Organization / School: Materiality Design
Website: https://www.mdesign.com.tw/
Team Members: Stephen Kuo & Materiality Design Team

1. Sculptural Quality The whitewashed background refers to the pure motivation of the brand. The gestures of hair-cutting are translated into the massing of the sculptural entities. The triangular motif shapes the functional cubes and planes from ceiling to floors through the actions of piling, cutting, and sewing. The workflow of the upper and lower floors engulfs the counter, display shelves, ceiling, and division walls. In contrast with the stability of the seating area, the layered and displaced vision integrates and enriches the space. The juxtaposition of the movement and stillness defines the singular dynamics of the hair salon. 2. The Light Beams Hair design requires even lighting in space. The large paneling of ceiling lighting provides rooms for basic lighting needed on different floors. The light bars embedded in the dividing lines contributes to numerous lighting belts, serving as supplemental lighting while solving the condition of the lowered ceiling in the VIP room. They also extend and meander with the reflection of the large mirror surface, shuttling freely between the planes and the three-dimensionality. Here, light defines the threshold between the tangible and the intangible realms and therefore becomes the index for circulation and division in the space.


EROS Hair Salon, Space Design

"It fulfills the design intent with a good balanced entry into the different spaces but quiet in the actual work area where haircuts happen."