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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Jun Ha Kam
Design Type: Product & industrial, Concept Product
Company / Organization / School: Sejong University
Team Members: Jun Ha Kam & Sang Woon Kim

Many people prefer to study and work in a cafe where many people sit, rather than a private space alone. This is because the majority of people are less motivated and lazy in a private space separate from others. However, in an external environment with a constant, loud noise such as the sound of a song in a cafe or a conversation between people, the time to concentrate on work cannot be extended. Trying to create a moment to increase your concentration by completely blocking the noise with earplugs or listening to white noise or your favorite song, but creating a solitary environment as if you were in a personal space does not help you stay focused. SOAK continuously adjusts the external environment sound and provides the user with a moderate level of external sound to keep focusing. Use the pen's built-in microphone sensor to measure the actual ambient sound and deliver noise classified as not too high to the earplugs in real-time. It blocks various loud noises that cause momentary disruption without feeling the loneliness in the disconnected space.