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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Space // Meet Seattle Restaurant

Meet Seattle Restaurant


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Jian Guo - Chief Designer
Design Type: Interiors: Dining Space, Restaurants
Company / Organization / School: Suzhou Amg Space Design Consultant Co., Ltd.
Team Members: Jian Guo & Li Dong

This is just to place ourselves as if in a bustling Chinese night fair of well-spaced snack stalls. Creating a youthful, trendy dining environment is the concept of this design. Steel structure houses are of modular design, composed of compound zones. To change spatial decoration in a zone, it only needs to reassemble the composite steel components for new modeling. The dining tables are designed to have fine embedded devices. Without destroying the shape, the devices can be taken down for reuse, which greatly reduces asset losses in the cafeteria. The dish display areas are equipped with refrigerators to reduce food wastage and storage, and replenish supplies without delay. By exploitation of the floor height, the cafeteria is designed into a two-story structure of high momentum. The food supply areas and the dining areas are inlaid with each other at intervals. The exalted food display area is placed at the entrance. In hard fittings, it adopts electroplated stainless steel and custom-made wood finish to highlight quality. In soft fittings, it selects pop furniture and artworks to convey youthful consumption scenarios. The tables and chairs are portable allowing diners to place them at will to meet their needs of social gathering.