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Love Letter


Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Kiyoung Ko - Love Letter
Design Type: Concept
Company / Organization / School: Korea Polytechnics Jeju
Team Members: Kiyoung Ko, Seoro Hong, Hun Ko, Ha-neul Kim, Sarang Kim & Jongmin Kim

Due to the spread of the Internet and smartphones, e-mail or instant messaging are replacing the function of letters. Of course, e-mail and messenger are great communication tools. However, the feelings of excitement when we write a letter and deliver it to the other person, and the emotions we get when we receive an unexpected letter, are much deeper than the feelings of when we send and receive e-mail and messenger. For this reason, we propose the digital letter ‘Love Letter’ to bring back the feelings we felt when we exchanged letters. The appearance of Love Letter is like a normal letter. However, unlike ordinary letters, we record the contents through video recording. We can effectively communicate the user's appearance, voice, and mood which are difficult to communicate through writings. Furthermore, Love Letter provides a function to reply to the other person. You can leave or back up all the communication people have shared in one Love Letter, which is a great medium for recording and recalling memories with each other. Show your love to your parents, friends or someone you love through Love Letter!