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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: JiaYi Cai - postgraduate
Design Type: Concept, Ceramic tableware
Company / Organization / School: Macau University of Science and Technology
Team Members: JiaYi Cai, JiaLiang Cai & Advisor: Prof. ShaoShi Yan,

"Villages" is a set of removable ceramic suits seasoning bottles, With their wishes, users combine the bottles and define the service functions, for example , placing them on a plate or with ornamentation. We hope that the "village" scene can bring more warmth and joy to the users, “Village” provides a more user-friendly and pleasant dining scene. Every time when users use it, they can gain a new and interesting operation experience and also a new emotional experience. The production of this set of products was completed in Jingdezhen. Jingdezhen has a millennium of ceramic culture and history. The material is made of high temperature and environmental protection porcelain. It is safe, nontoxic, environmentally healthy and can be placed in microwave oven. It is made of high quality clay, which is made of high quality clay, made by slurry, repaired and bonded, the body of which is dry and glazed. Finally, the product is made by burning. The inner glaze is environmentally friendly and transparent, smooth and easy to scrub.The manufacture of ceramics is made by hand. It collects Jingdezhen ceramic culture and traditional Chinese aesthetics.