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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: YuBin Lee - D:on
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Hongik University
Team Members: YuBin Lee, SangJun Park, JiYoung Hong, YeEun Song, MyeongJi Jeong, JeongHo Kwon & JaeWoong Lee

Where do you take off and put clothes before taking a shower? There are actions, but there is no appropriate space for the actions. We just have left our clothes anywhere so far. And where do you put wet towels after taking a shower? Wet towels are such a nuisance. Putting wet towels right into laundry basket can make other laundries stink. Also, air-dried wet towels might be felt not very sanitary. To solve these problems, we present D:on. It is a combination of furniture for storing clothes as well as home appliance which can dry wet towels. You can put your clothes on D:on’s shelf. And the cartridge inside D:on contains an anti-bacterial deodorizer. It will make the towels clean and fragrant. During the drying time, breeze from vertical holes lets your wet body warm. D:on is placed beside the bathroom door and creates new space between the bathroom and the other rooms. You can arrange your clothes and towels in this space. Namely, D:on narrows users’ ineffective movements down by organizing the interactions of washing process. Experience D:on and change your lifestyle neat and tidy.