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Charm Vitality


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Moek Mo
Design Type: Interiors: Commercial
Company / Organization / School: Mo Architects and Planners
Website: http://www.moekdesign.com/
Team Members: Moek Mo, Yong Liu, Fred Ho, James Kuo & Eric Tsai

Distinct from the general business space designs with the invariable styles, inorganic materials and regular colors, this office design comprehensively decorated with the environment-friendly and recyclable materials is divergent from the regular offices decorated with the chemical materials. Those working in this healthy office, therefore, can work pleasantly and healthily. They can consequently have a longer career in this office. The designer given the limited space in the office, at the beginning of the design project, defined the characteristics in different areas and preserved the completeness of space. The designer, meanwhile, balanced the dynamic and static elements, and harmonized the needs in the public and private areas. Considering these factors, the designer decorated the office with the similar elements of design. The designer, in the meantime, decorated the upper and lower floors with the comparable materials and the different colors. The brick-color walls are extended from the lower floor to the upper floor. For the office adjustable to different needs in the future, the office design remains the maximum degree of flexibility and the corporate image of sustainable business.