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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Product // Bently Nevada Orbit 60 Series

Bently Nevada Orbit 60 Series


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Steve Fisher
Design Type: Industrial & consumer tools and equipment
Company / Organization / School: Baker Hughes / Bently Nevada
Team Members: Bently Nevada Team: David O'Connor, Bryan Shadel, Cameron Naugle, Curtis Hoffman, Ray Jensen & Darren Evans Accenture Team: Steve Fisher, Kevin Doan, Jonathan Schreven, Alan Laursen & Margaret Blachnicka

Orbit 60 Series is Bently Nevada’s next generation product for continuous machinery protection and condition monitoring, its designed to be the most advanced system for all your critical machinery assets, as well as your plantwide assets, across a wide range of industrial applications. Orbit 60 Series is built on a fully distributable architecture that allows you to monitor all your assets regardless of complexity or location and is intrinsically cyber secure. The Orbit 60 series works in conjunction with Bently Nevada’s System 1 software to monitor and manage machines assets in a variety of industries, from industrial plants to food processing facilities, powerplants and Nuclear facilities. The equipment can be set to protect, monitor and shut down powerful equipment like turbines and generators to prevent catastrophic injuries and damage. Each module in the Rack is designed to manage a specific task, from sensors on equipment to shut down relays or for processing data. The resulting Orbit 60 monitor design is 50% smaller in height, double the channel count and 100 fold increase in processing power.