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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Product // Vodafone Neo

Vodafone Neo


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Design Teams - Marketing and Communications Manager
Design Type: Wearable Tech, smart watches
Company / Organization / School: fuseproject
Website: fuseproject.com
Team Members: fuseproject, Vodafone, Disney

Designed for kids between the ages of 4 and 11, fuseproject worked closely with Vodafone on the company’s first hardware product built from the ground-up. In a world more connected than ever, we learned how parents are looking for new ways to stay in touch with their children—protecting and monitoring them as they approach their preadolescent years. To redefine what it means for parents to support their kids without being intrusive was the main experience and design challenge. Understanding this opportunity, fuseproject developed an ownable and iconic device that brings Vodafone to the new frontier of wearables and consumer IoT. Dubbed Neo, the new kids watch is an ergonomic, customizable, and playful smartwatch that allows families to safeguard their children's whereabouts while still gives parents more peace of mind throughout the day. The smartwatch’s durable design is coupled with an angled watch face that improves the viewing angle for the user, reducing strain on the wrist. The angle also provides an ergonomically natural way to use the front-facing camera.