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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Product // Elite Smart Film

Elite Smart Film


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Chieh Ming Tsai
Design Type: Materials, textiles, fabrics, tech clothing
Company / Organization / School: Elite Smart Film Inc. Taiwan Branch (BELIZE)
Website: https://www.elitesmartfilm.com
Team Members: Yi Tong Chang

Elite Smart Film can break through the traditional application frameworks of windows; by applying technology, the smart film is transformed into having the function of both taking care of home life and the aesthetics for commercial exhibitions. Elite Smart Film is made by injecting liquid crystal polymers and conductive polymers between two transparent conductive films. It appears foggy when not energized, but through alternating current effects, the liquid crystal molecules inside will arrange neatly and the film will change from a foggy state into being transparent. Quick conversion between transparency and opacity is achieved simply through a power switch. The main conductive material used by most smart films that adopt LCD panels on the market is ITO; but due to its low opacity, heat intolerance, low durability to sunlight exposure and special power specifications, not only does it take up space, it also malfunctions very easily. As a result, it could not be applied for exterior wall curtains and outdoor advertisements effectively. In order to break through the stereotype that most users have for smart films, the designer insisted on starting R&D from the raw materials.