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Jupiter Dawn Series Products


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Yang Zhang
Design Type: Consumer goods, appliances, Toy
Company / Organization / School: Beijing AIQI Technology Co., LTD.
Team Members: Yang Zhang & Hu Zhang

The Jupiter Dawn series products are original science-fiction type IP mecha products. They are suitable for children over 8 years old and young people who like building blocks and science fiction. In this series of products, blocks are used for buildings ultra-futuristic mechas, intelligent hardware enables the mobility of static mechas, software AR games realize the soft visual presentation of special effects, and all these give users the impact of future science fiction from different senses. This series of products include Volans Shuttle that can change different motion forms, the Aquila Reconnaissance Aircraft that has surreal design, Orion Hexapod Titan that has bionic motion structure and is added AR battle game, the Scorpio Defense Tower that has AR and AI intelligent recognition, and the Shepherd Carrier that has classic control and new scene control. The entire series not only portrays IP science fiction attributes from technical means, but also interprets from product presentation latitude. This series of products brings a brand new experience to users from different levels and angles.