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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Concept Pro // ALC Panel CNC Positioning Conveyor Dust-free Cutting System

ALC Panel CNC Positioning Conveyor Dust-free Cutting System


Competition: Spark:Concept Pro
Designer: Liang Ma - Designer
Design Type: Materials Process Design
Company / Organization / School: China Construction Science and Industry Co., Ltd.
Website: http://sstr.cscec.com/
Team Members: Hanyu Leng, Mingqiu Chen, Jie Chen, Ziye Song, Yang He.

During the current prefabricated building construction, a lot of autoclaved aerated concrete (ALC) panels are used for the assembly of internal and external walls. When the ALC panels are delivered, the weight reaches 250-750Kg. They are handled and cut manually at present. Besides, a lot of dust will be generated when cutting the ALC panels, resulting in relatively large work load and hostile dust environment to construction crew. The dust diffusing into the atmosphere will also cause the environmental pollution to a certain degree. "ALC panel CNC positioning conveyor dust-free cutting system" has been developed for ALC panel cutting. The equipment has made the cutting process mechanized under CNC and dustless, and solved such problems as large work load of workers, low efficiency and environmental pollution caused by a lot of dust during construction.