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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Seonghoon Hong - ZERVER
Design Type: Transportation & Mobility
Company / Organization / School: Hanbat National University
Team Members: Seonghoon Hong

It is a time when it is difficult for many elderly people to take care of themselves. At that point, it is difficult to use the bus and subway, but it becomes even more difficult to use a car or motorcycle. It means that it is difficult to get out of the house and work. What is important in this situation is personal mobility for the elderly. It will make the elderly more free to go out, and they will be able to enjoy a life of abundance beyond convenience. With the function of personal mobility for the elderly, ZERVER helps the elderly to easily store and move when using public transportation or a car. By using a foldable design, it is possible to dramatically reduce the total size by more than 50%. It is also designed for easy storage at home.