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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Space // SUPERUS Exhibition Hall

SUPERUS Exhibition Hall


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Yueke Shi - Designer
Design Type: Interiors: Commercial
Company / Organization / School: QUHE (Space7H)
Team Members: Jiang Fangfang Bi Guangping

The overall space is designed into multiple modules, each of which has an independent style, with interconnected design symbols above the independence, so that the space is integrated, featuring coordination and unity of various styles, while fully displaying the characteristics of products. Based on the colors of the products, the space takes the brown color and wood color system in the overall design, embellished with bright colors in some parts to bring a showy effect. According to the applicable style of the products, the space is designed as a modern development space with low-key luxury and a sense of multiple links. Starting from the reception hall, the fully textured brown wooden wall cabinet comes into sight. The space, along with the products, is decorated into a living room of a residence, showing a high-end elegant atmosphere. The white marbles make the space texture more hierarchical, while weakening the solemn atmosphere brought by the brown color. The space keeps a fluent foot traffic, enabling customers to immerse themselves in the performance of the products in diversified life scenarios. It solves the product upgrading problem, and provides professional guidance for customers in subsequent decoration and configuration.