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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Digital // GXO Logistics Brand Launch

GXO Logistics Brand Launch


Competition: Spark:Digital
Designer: Rodney Abbot - Senior Partner, Design
Design Type: GUI & Web Design
Company / Organization / School: Lippincott
Team Members: Brad Jacobs, XPO Logistics, Inc.; Malcom Wilson, GXO Logistics, Inc.; Rodney Abbot, Michael D’Esopo, Emily Guilmette, Michael Guerin, Julius Roberge, Aline Kim, Lippincott

GXO needed a website to match its bold mission—to unlock logistics at full potential. And so when developing its new website, Lippincott focused on GXO’s technology-driven agility, its ability to execute with precision, and the confidence of an industry leader. Motion is a powerful way to connect with audiences and is used to express the efficiency and scale of GXO. Motion was purposefully considered throughout the site so that the system behaves, feels and looks like the powerful supply chain it represents. Fast-moving videos are interspersed throughout the site to reflect the brand’s ambition and efficiency. Visually, GXO’s primary color—bright and energetic orange is strategically placed for impact, paired with GXO Black (a slightly lighter black), to create a sophisticated and bold look and feel. Imagery is key to communicating stories, and we use a range of image styles to help express each message and to infuse energy into GXO’s communications. The look of the photography is bold, modern and structured, with a focus on the power of technology, innovation, and GXO’s people. GXO’s bold and fast site pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with motion at every turn.