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Competition: Spark:Digital
Designer: Kevin Sun
Design Type: Immersive
Company / Organization / School: Gooest Tech
Team Members: Kevin Sun

The colorful colors are the totems of all things in the world. Artists try to "dip" the surrounding environment through human subjective activities, dissolving consciousness, feelings, and thoughts in the murmur of time. The work uses the form of digital art to re-understand the relationship between people and the environment. The flowing solution is the clear and clear state of the fusion of all things, and the limited interweaving and infinite containment are the best proof of the encounter between "I" and the world and the erosion of "I" with the world. With the movement of the footsteps, a flowing color solution is generated. Each step reorganizes and animates new emotions. The feelings of man and the world are connected, and the imitation of Buddha is conceived, nurtured, and reincarnated in just a few minutes.