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Swirl Stool


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Yun Sung Kim
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: The New School - Parsons School of Design
Team Members: Yun Sung Kim

Traditional patterns have been used since ancient times in Korea to represent different aspects of nature. Among countless variations, the geometric types symbolize natural laws and encouraged people to live along with them in harmony. The Swirl Stool takes inspiration from a particular one for storms and whirlwinds. With its simple lines and geometric shapes, the circular “storm” pattern captures the dynamic movements while also conveying a sense of unity and symmetry. The Swirl Stool incorporates these elements to reinterpret a traditional 2D figure into a modern 3D product. With both its decorative shape and its structural stability, the stool evokes a sense of balance for the users. Its assembly with brass allows it to fit in a luxurious environment, while the color variations in its velvet cushion also allow different options for customizations. The Swirl Stool invites users to not only decorate their interiors with a sculptural piece but to also remember their cultural heritage. By paying respect to past traditions, the stool represents a modern direction of celebrating one’s cultural identity. If one forgets the past, one cannot strive for the future.