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Bio Bin


Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Vivian Chen - Designer
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: ArtCenter College of Design
Website: www.vivianchendesign.com
Team Members: Vivian Chen

Bio Bin is a modular worm composting system for urban residents to compost food waste at home. Today, food waste is a massive and often neglected environmental problem — America wastes 40% of its total food production every year, and nearly half of that happens in homes. Food that ends up in landfills creates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that accelerates global warming. Bio Bin is designed to make composting simple and accessible for beginners at a low cost. It is space efficient, requires low commitment, beautifully designed, and brings added greens into your life. Users will witness the cycle of matters happen within a few days, and through tending to the worms and plants, gain emotional satisfaction and solve their own food waste problem all at the same time.