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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Space // Beauty of Nordic Dawn

Beauty of Nordic Dawn


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Wang Chien-Yuan
Design Type: Hospitals & Medical Facilities
Company / Organization / School: TOTEM Interior Design
Website: https://www.facebook.com/totemdesign/
Team Members: Wang Chien-Yuan, Fang Hui-Chen, Wang Yu-Shuan

The pursuit of beauty is universal. As to the hard finished, the designer considering the sustainable concepts such as environmental protection and earth resources developed the design plan in accordance with the previous layouts, instead of overwhelmingly demolishing the original structure. Based on this design concept, the designer developed the layouts of the reception counter, the consulting room, the VIP room, the second consulting room, pharmacy, etc. The design idea commenced by “Sun, Moon, and Dawn – the Nordic Mythology” that the deep longing for beauty nowadays seeks the desires and purity of spirits implied in mythology. With regard to the construction materials, the designer used the stainless-steel bead curtains, the made-to-order stainless-steel table legs, the bamboo charcoal paints, the flame-retardant fabrics, the imported wallpapers, the black and brown tempered glass, the coated veneer boards, the LEDs, the F2 system furniture made of the EU medical-level boards, etc. As to the furnishings, the designer considering the features and meanings of aesthetic medicine used the adornments made of dried followers and rattan balls as the main element ingeniously decorated in the different indoor areas for the continuation and extension of concept.