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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Space // The Oriental Pearl

The Oriental Pearl


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Yu Da Wang - Director
Design Type: Hotel & Lodging
Company / Organization / School: Gerzhi Interior Design
Team Members: Hsu NaiCheng

The first floor has a height of six meters and a square layout. The design arranges the office space in the compartment behind the counter, so that the office space and the dining area combines like a block; in the space behind the gate, the shopping street is designed in the rear compartment, connected with the front counter, and the golf hills are embedded in the staircase design. Using the effect of arcs and seating areas, the staircase becomes a visual highlight. Behind the counter, the image of the lotus is painted on the architectural concrete wall, using the technique of oriental ink splashing, supplemented by the image of the lotus root carved in bronze, and combined with different materials, it becomes a unique artwork. In terms of design, different from standard hotels, the designer connects the dining area and the waiting area, reusing the space, reducing space waste and achieving the best performance. As soon as you enter the room, the partial space is decorated with arc-shaped design, which can lead to the theme of the space, discard unnecessary decorations and decorations, reduce the use of building materials, and present a simple and environmentally friendly place.