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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Spring Student // MAKE TO:GATHER


Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Ziyuan Zhu - Design Researcher
Design Type: Product & industrial, Service
Company / Organization / School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Website: http://zy-zhu.one
Team Members: Ziyuan Zhu & Sheng-Hung Lee

WHAT MAKE TO:GATHER, a virtual design co-creation journey, and tangible toolkit. We proposed an interactive workshop and implemented a participatory virtual co-creation toolkit, with auxiliary tutorials and a community-building mechanism. The goal is to explore the possibility of virtual learning and co-creation experience and bridge the distance with design thinking, making, and sharing. WHY The challenge of virtual co-creation and design workshops, especially with the tide of global lockdown. Not only has the lockdown influenced the entire creative industry, but it also blocks the channels for design passionate and beginners to approach innovative and creative resources. Thus, rethinking the virtual workshop experience with its co-creation tools become more significant and emergent. HOW MAKE TO:GATHER empowered by the collaborative and innovative process, participants learn the skills and the essential of rapid prototyping with online collaboration and offline hands-on making experience. The process enables participants to freely share their ideas, thoughts, and get immediate and meaningful feedback from their peers and facilitators.


Nice Title!...

Very well researched timely, resourceful, practical & well conceived hands-on, co-creative project. sustainable, integrated, engaging and inspirational...