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Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Jeff Day
Design Type: Residential & office furniture, furnishings
Company / Organization / School: Day-Studios LLC
Website: http://www.day-studios.com
Team Members: Jeff Day

The Elena Convertible Desk is in response to the mainstream sit/stand desk that we are all familiar with or quite possibly own. The Convertible Desk places the lift mechanism within a thin elevated envelope allowing for design freedom, away from the rack and pinion dual leg aesthetic. In the Convertible Desk environment, the design choices are limitless from the classical to the contemporary. This design solution also lends itself for drawers to be raised and lowered with the top surface; capitalizing on this advantage we have created the Tech Drawer. The Tech Drawer can be powered and is designated storage for your laptop, power cord and docking station for a clutter and cord free work environment. The drawer is modified to allow cords to be routed at the back, and ventilation holes in the platform to prevent overheating during a long work session. The true beauty of our Convertible Desk is the ability to blend with any d├ęcor in any room, seamlessly; from your home office to the corner office we offer an array of solutions from classical to contemporary styles.