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Only Jeju


Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Hayeon Seok
Design Type: Packaging
Company / Organization / School: Sejong University
Team Members: Hayeon Seok

As a tourism souvenir of Jeju Island, an island of Korea, a package containing the sentiment of Jeju that can only be felt in Jeju was produced. It is a package for Jeju's representative souvenirs, omegi rice cake, chocolate, tea, and candle. These sensually convey the taste and scent of Jeju. In order to visually feel Jeju through the package, the shape of Mt. Halla and Oreum, which are natural characteristics of Jeju, was applied to the package. In addition, the shape of chocolate and candle was also made in the shape of an oreum to give a connection. In the package graphic, the shape of the oreum is expressed as a net using lines. Net refers to the Taewak of Jeju haenyeo and the friendly community of Jeju. TIn addition, the rough texture of basalt, a stone of Jeju, was expressed through the graphic texture.