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BGI Center


Competition: Spark:Concept Pro
Designer: Yu Chen
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: Shenzhen Grandland Building Decoration Design Institute
Website: http://www.gtdesign.com.cn/
Team Members: Yu Chen & Ruan Shengjian

In terms of design language, the designer comes up with a design concept- “BGI Peak”, from which Area B (R&D and Office), Area F (“Ecology-Production-Life Experience) and Area C (Conferences and Multi-functions) are respectively likened to coast, mountain and canyon, thus a complete ecological environment comes into being. The buildings are zoned from low to high altitude in different natural ecological forms to present different design themes in different areas, for example, hill, grassland and snow peak. The buildings are designed according to three-star green building standard, still it is necessary to reflect the close connection of nature, architecture and human in interior design. Since the natural ecology is highlighted in the space, the design team has conducted detailed investigation and research on related ecological projects. The materials used in the space are environment friendly and naturally recyclable, and all the green plants on the interior walls are genuine. Water resources and sewage are recycled, moreover the introduction of motor-less water sources and the full use of natural lighting are taken into account.